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Isle of Jura, 21 Years Old, Isle of Jura, Scotland

Product Description

‘This Jura single malt whisky leads on from Jura’s 200th anniversary edition, and has been well aged for 21 years and presented in a box with a display plinth. Bottled in honour of the date the distillery was founded in 1810, the vintage casks used give this whisky a fantastic quality – this is now a discontinued expression. The fragrant nose is full of notes of toffee, vanilla and fudge. There are honeyed tones and on tasting, Christmas cake, and stewed fruits with winter spices really shine through. The finish is of medium-length with a touch of dry oak.” Producer’s Notes

Isle of Jura 21 Year Old is now discontinued, but was a popular expression with whisky lover’s around the world.

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June 7, 2020 7:00 PM